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Civil Litigation

Seasoned Florida Civil Litigator Aggressively Advocates for You in Court

Determined Fort Lauderdale attorney puts more than 40 years of litigation experience to work for you

When you are being sued for any reason or need to take legal action against another person, the stakes may be high. The Law Offices of Randolph W. Adams in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has extensive trial experience and can provide the breadth of knowledge and skilled advocacy you need. For more than 40 years, I have provided valuable assistance to my South Florida clients inside and outside the courtroom, and I am prepared to begin pursuing a positive outcome and resolving your case today.

Well-rounded law firm handles many types of cases

Civil litigation covers a broad area of disputes, whether between individuals or businesses. These types of cases can include disputes relating to:

  • Personal injuries
  • Insurance claims
  • Contract breaches
  • Employment disputes
  • Unpaid loans
  • Real property disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Defective products
  • Consumer disputes

If you are dealing with any of these disputes or another matter that needs to go to court, I will help you pursue the most favorable possible outcome.

How an experienced litigator can help

Litigation requires an in-depth understanding of the laws and issues associated with specific types of matters. As an experienced advocate, I can assess the situation effectively and help you explore the various methods that exist to resolve your dispute favorably. In certain instances, effective negotiation can help clients avoid the time and expense of a trial. My firm also takes advantage of alternative dispute resolution methods when they offer a reasonable chance of achieving a proper resolution. One example is mediation, where a qualified, neutral third party oversees a discussion between the parties in pursuit of a mutually acceptable outcome. My firm also represents clients in arbitrations, during which adversaries make their arguments before an arbitrator who makes a decision in a proceeding that bypasses many of the procedural delays and costs linked to trials.

However, if taking your case to court is the only method, or the best one, for procuring your desired outcome, I can provide knowledgeable and determined representation beginning with the initial filings and throughout your matter until your case is resolved. There’s no book that gives an attorney real-world training on presenting an argument clearly, questioning witnesses and objecting to legal errors as they occur. If you have a case that might be heading for trial, you deserve a lawyer who has developed and proven these skills over time.

Contact a passionate Florida civil litigator for a free consultation

At the Law Offices of Randolph W. Adams in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I handle all types of civil litigation, from breach of contract to personal injury cases. Reach out for a free consultation by calling me at 954-660-6644 or contacting me online.

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